LIVE Shows

Spring/Summer 2022

March 26th 2022 – The Common (Stratford) 8pm-11pm

April 1st 2022 – Voodoo Lounge (Kitchener @ THE MUSEUM) 9pm (Steph Solo)

April 30th 2022- The Hub (Stratford) 5pm-8pm

May 6th 2022- The Common (Stratford) 8pm- 11pm (Steph Solo)

May 7th 2022 – Private event BOOKED

May 13th 2022 – Greystone Racquet Club (Waterloo) 6:30pm-9:30pm

May 14th 2022- Private Event BOOKED

May 21st 2022 – Docks Music Festival (Bayfield) 12pm-3pm

May 22nd 2022 – Private Event Booked

May 27th 2022 – Bobby O’Briens (Kitchener) 8pm-11pm

May 28th 2022- Hub Roadhouse (Lucan) 4pm-8pm

June 10th 2022 – The Common (Stratford) 8pm-11pm (Steph solo)

June 11th 2022- Hub (Seaforth) 4pm-8pm

June 18th 2022 – Stratford Live Music & Food Festival (3pm) FULL BAND Steph Sellers & The Fellers

June 23rd 2022 – Casa Rugantino (Waterloo) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

June 25th 2022- Hub on The Docks (Bayfield) 4pm-8pm

June 26 2022- Strykerz Kitchen & Bar (Kitchener) 1pm-4pm

July 1st 2022- CANADA DAY @ The Hub (Stratford) 12pm-3pm

July 1st 2022 – CANADA DAY @ SERC Site Fireworks (Stratford) 8:30pm

July 14th 2022- Casa Rugantino (Waterloo) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

July 15th 2022- The Common (Stratford) 8pm-11pm (Steph Solo)

July 16th 2022- Private Event BOOKED

July 23rd 2022 – Strykerz (Kitchener) 6pm-9pm

July 28th 2022 – Casa Rugantino (Waterloo) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

July 30th 2022 – Private Event BOOKED

August 4th 2022- Casa Rugantino (Waterloo) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

August 6th 2022- Rural Roots Festival (Elmira) Time: TBD

August 6th 2022 – The Common (Stratford) 8pm-11pm

August 18th 2022 – Casa Rugantino (Waterloo) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

August 20th 2022 – Private Event BOOKED

August 26th -The Common (Stratford) 8pm-11pm (Steph Solo)

August 27th – Strykerz (Kitchener) 6pm-9pm

September 3rd Private Event BOOKED

September 10th- Private Wedding BOOKED

Past Venues:

Rolling Stones Reverberations Series Voodoo Lounge, THE MUSEUM Kitchener, ON

Factory 163, Stratford ON

Strykerz, Kitchener ON

Bunker Cafe & Recording Studio, Stratford ON

Fionn MacCool’s, Kitchener ON

The Common, Stratford ON

The Hub, Seaforth ON

Heritage Hops, Stratford ON

Rural Roots, Elmira ON

Revival House, Stratford ON

Jobsite Brewery, Stratford ON

The Beaver Bar, Banff AB

Mateus Bistro, Mahone Bay NS

Saltbox Brewery, Mahone Bay NS

The Central Tavern, Elmira ON

The Docks, Bayfield ON

The Hub, Stratford ON

Herald Haus, Stratford ON

Molly Blooms, Stratford ON

Casa Rugantino, Kitchener ON

Blue Moon, Ajijic Mexico

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